Intervju – Pernilla Ackerfors

When and where did u graduate as a makeup artist?
At Makeupstudion Education Gothenburg, Oktober 2010

Was the real life of a makeup artist , all you expected it to be?
At first I expected it to be hard but I never gave up on my dream to work with makeup and most importantly not to underestimate myself as a makeupartist. By me having that attitude it has today taken me to a place where I have gotten the chance to work with people whom I deeply respect in this industry and today I am the manager of two of Sydney Australias larges cosmetics stores.

What is the greatest job you have done?
I was phoned up by one of Sydneys Radio Channels where I had won a competition with my picture dragon makeup that was later on to be recreated on Lady Gaga. That was huge and I won a privat concert by Lady Gaga!

What is the differens between working as a makeupartist in Sweden and abroad?
It´s easier to make a name for yourself in Sweden but the market is harder. In Australia for example there are more agencys that work with makeupartist, so it’s easier to find work.

How are you marketing yourself and your skills?
I have my own webpage www.pernillackerfors.com, I make sure that I have high quality buisness cards and hand them out everywhere at all times as soon as there is a chance. I make sure that I go on lots of events, partys and other happenings that are connected with the industry. I got my own image and style witch makes it easier for me to find people whom I want to work with and who wants to work with me.

What celebrities have you done makeup on?
Famous group II Divo who has done music with Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. Lola Von Vorst, Joella Endres and I have also worked with Helen Dowsley who has done makeup on Rhianna.

What is your dream job as an makeupartist?
My dream is to one day become personal makeupartist for Lady GaGa to design new crazy makeups for her. I think we would be the perfect dream team!

What is your advise for people who wants to become makeupartists?
As a makeupartist you need something different, you need to find people , webpages, places where you feel at home and find your own style. Never underestermate your own talant and your work as a makeupartist. You can do so much more that you would ever think would be possible.

Have you reached your goal/goals?
My goal is not to have a goal. I know I can always aim higher and if I do reach a goal, I have not aimed high enough.

What is the best job so far?
To work with photografer Byron Spencer, designer Emma Mullholland and model Kelsey Martinovich. These are all people I deeply admire. Also beeing on tour with Il Divo when it was joined by Kim Kardashian was superfun!

What is your general perception about the makeup artist’s who has been training at Makeupstudion Education?
The quality of education creates makeup artists who are perfectionists with high set standards. I have worked with lots of different makeup artist’s coming from all kinds of school’s and some of the makeups have been truly awful.

So, Makeupstudion, you rock!

Below you can see the winning make up later recreated on Lady Gaga!



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